Thai Translation Services

ACTC, an ISO 9001 quality-certified and award-winning translation company based in Singapore, excels in providing comprehensive Thai translation services. We cater to diverse linguistic needs, offering certified translations from Thai to English, English to Thai, and from Thai to various other languages, ensuring accuracy and cultural appropriateness in every translation project.

Thai Translation By Qualified Linguists

Our Thai translation services bridge language gaps from Singapore to Thai-speaking markets. We offer reliable and comprehensive linguistic solutions, leveraging our team of qualified linguists to ensure precision and cultural relevance in every translation and to facilitate effective communication across various sectors.

Localised Thai Translations

We offer localised Thai translation services, understanding the linguistic intricacies of different contexts in Thailand. We ensure our translations meet industry standards, vital in business communications. Our commitment to providing accurate Thai translations is key for effective corporate interactions, legal documents, and marketing materials in Thai-speaking regions.

Accurate Thai Translations with Industry Expertise

Our team consists of native Thai speakers who are also experts in various industries. This unique combination ensures our translations are linguistically precise and relevant to specific sectors. We have a broad range of experience in translating diverse materials for numerous industries and services, including driving license translation, as highlighted below:


Legal translations demand a high level of precision and confidentiality. We offer a range of legal document translation services, including court orders, legal contracts, and agreements. Each translation is meticulously handled to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the legal documentation while respecting the nuances of legal language and terminology.

Banking & Finance

In banking and finance, precise terminology is key. Our financial translation services cover documents like market analyses, investment strategies, and financial reports. We ensure that these crucial documents are translated with precision and industry-specific terminology, facilitating a clear understanding of international financial transactions and communications.


For this sector, our technical translation service involves working with a range of documents like user manuals, technical specifications, and research papers. This may involve translating them from Thai to English and vice versa. We understand the importance of accurate technical terminology and ensure that translations are precise and clear, maintaining the document's original intent and technicality.


Likewise, for medical translations, accuracy is paramount. Our translation services cater to a range of documents, including medical reports, clinical trial materials, and pharmaceutical guidelines. We ensure that e ach translation is medically accurate, respects privacy, and adheres to regulatory standards.

Chemical & Petrol

For the chemical and petroleum sectors, ACTC offers specialised translation services, covering everything from technical datasheets to in-depth research documents. Working with industry leaders such as BASF and ExxonMobil, we focus on delivering translations that precisely reflect the unique terminology and complex details of these industries, ensuring accurate and reliable communication in these highly technical fields.

Get Thai Translation by ACTC Translation Centre

For accurate, reliable, and culturally sensitive Thai translation services, look no further than ACTC Translation Centre. Our team of expert linguists provides tailored solutions for business, legal, or personal needs. Contact us for a customised quote based on your project requirements and experience service that meets your precise linguistic needs.

Trusted By

ACTC is trusted by leaders across various industries for quality Thai translation services. Our clients range from multinational corporations to government agencies, demonstrating our capability to meet diverse translation requirements. 

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What Our Clients Say

"I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending ACTC Translation Centre. IPIECA has used this organisation over the last few years and have received first class service.

No matter how large or small a project we have received the same high level of professionalism. They have consistency met or even beaten the deadlines that we have set for each project. We just wonder how we could possibly have managed without them."

Paula Lynch
Office Manager
International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association

"ACTC has provided very good service. We would like to thank you and your members for your efficient services."

シンディー·孫, Cindy Sng
Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
GP-WEB Support Team

"A working relationship that communicates trust, reliability and efficiency is essential. ACTC has managed to convey all that and working with them is a breeze. ACTC has always delivered quality work promptly and we enjoy this partnership that we have fostered together. Thank you for the exceptional service!"

Karen Lim
Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd
Asia Technical Office

"The services that your company has provided are good and fast, especially in the request for further amendments."

CPF Board
Agency Services

"Thanks for this email and the update on deploying tool to streamline your translation process and increase productivity. It’s been a great experience working with ACTC, I’ll get in touch with you should we require any translation service. "

Ms. Meng Li
Singapore Economic Development Board
Customer Experience Management(CXM)

"ACTC translation services are efficient; we are satisfied with their quick turnaround time to respond to our requests and queries. Thumbs up! "

Maybank Singapore

"Thank you again for helping to expedite this work even before payment was made. I truly appreciate it. This new payment method is also very convenient for busy people who are always on the go. Keep up the great work! "

Ms Mel Mohd

"I am very satisfied with the service, very efficient and prompt.
Thank you very much! "

Total Oil Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

"My colleague from Thailand confirmed the translation, so no amendment is necessary. Thank you very much!"

Dr. Xiunan Jin
Evonik (SEA) Pte. Ltd.

"Thanks for your email. I’m comfortable working with ACTC and really appreciate the prompt responses from Melvin and Julia."

Singapore Telecommunications Limited

"Kindly find my feedback below:
• Service and support rendered are prompt and professional
• Constantly able to provide complete support even under short notice
• Follow up on concerns and completion of document translation requests are great

Nelson Goh
Product Specialist
Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd

"ACTC is a proven quality company and is a reliable translation partner and we certainly hope to continue to work together and share in our success."

Kai Leong
Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

"Has highly recommended to all my colleagues. Very good and prompt service. Translation was very fast too! "

Ms Fennie Chai
Singapore Zoological Gardens

"So far we are satisfied with the services provided by your team, timely and accurate."

Mr Michael Cheng
Toyota Motor Asia Pacific

"ACTC has been very supportive and meets our response time."

Kuldip Kaur
Aljunied-Hougang Town Council

"Thank you for the excellent service provided and the coordination was very efficient. Great job with the quick turnaround time."

Irene Lum
Yara Asia Pte Ltd

"On our urgent request, ACTC provided excellent service by staying back after office hour to wait for my document & then completed the translation in few hours."

Chai Mun Ling
Cameron (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Very good services & quality – we recommend ACTC to our clients and partners as the preferred translation company for our exhibitions."

Celia Coules
Informa Exhibitions

"We’re very happy with ACTC’s excellent approach and work in translating the texts of our website from English to simplified Chinese. We’re also very happy with their friendly and always helpful staff."

Mr Wong Hong King
The Huang Jushun Scholarships




Other Language Translation Services We Provide

In addition to Thai, we offer professional translation services in over 40 languages, catering to a wide range of linguistic needs. Popular services include Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Malay, French, and Korean. Explore more about these services on our dedicated pages: