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Why Are We The Reliable Legal Translation In Singapore Provider You Need? When it comes to legal document translation services, many details need accurate translations. We understand many different types of legal documents that require translation: contracts, wills, real estate deeds, birth certificates, and more.
Suppose you want the highest quality manual translation service possible for your document. In that case, it is important that you choose an expert company like ACTC Translation Centre.
When it comes to manual translation services, it is important to ensure that the person who is translating understands precisely what they are doing. That is why we only use experienced translators who know precisely what they need to do when translating documents from one language into another.
ACTC Translation Centre knows you want your documents to be 100% accurate, so we offer our certified document translation services. Our experts will translate your documents from English into Chinese, Spanish, French, or any other language you need.
Why Should You Choose Our Document Translation Services?
You will be amazed by how accurate our translations are, and you will never have to worry about how much time it takes to get it done again! When you need a legal translation in Singapore into another language, it is important to make sure that the translation reflects what the original text said.
At ACTC, we have the expertise and experience to make this process easy for you. Our team of professionals has worked with many different translations, including technical and legal documents, so they know what works best for each document type.

ACTC Translation, Your Conscientious Translator

Accurate and reliable legal document translation in Singapore. Ensure precision and compliance.

Our Story

"Excel in Singapore,
deep into Southeast Asia,
venture out to the world."

That's how our story began to unfold.

In 1999, a team of linguistic experts founded ACTC Translation Centre for the purpose of delivering high-quality translation and interpretation services. ACTC stands for 'A Conscientious Translation Company' – the word "Conscientious" is deeply imparted into the heart of our translators, as we firmly believe in achieving accuracy in translation through vigilance and ultra-carefulness.

Targeted at the local market and Asia Pacific region, our expertise lies in East Asian and local languages, with over 300 conscientious translators capable of translating a broad range of 40 languages.

We are the first professional language service provider to be certified the ISO 9001:2000 in Singapore. Here at ACTC, we work with a strong pool of scrupulous translators who possess a keen eye for detail. Upon confirming a translation project, the project manager liaises closely with client to set up project timeline, and then assigns the project to translator(s) with matching experience, based on the nature of the project (e.g. legal documents to be assigned to translators with legal background).

Having received the materials for translation, our team of translators will conduct a thorough research on the context. We encourage discussions – be it exchange of views between translators, or clarification with clients – so as to ensure the quality of the translation, as the old Chinese saying goes "the wisdom of the masses exceeds that of the wisest individual."

There's no such thing as a perfect translation – anyone who tells you otherwise must be lying to you. As such, our translation works (done by the aforesaid devoted and qualified translators) will undergo 1-2 rounds of proof-reading check. Our editors go through a painstaking process to check for any lost in translation, before delivering the end product to clients.


Empower your global presence with top-notch document translation services. Accurate, reliable, and tailored to your needs.

Accuracy: Accuracy and precision in translation is absolutely crucial, as language ambiguity occurs in various aspects in natural language processing. From the order of words, verb form, to linguistic and cultural contexts, it all affects translation accuracy. Accuracy is the extent to which a translation accurately renders the meaning of the source text, without distortion;

Communication: Maintaining an open, interactive communication channel with our clients is indispensable to meeting their foremost requirements. While translation is undoubtedly a form of vital communication itself, effective communications between the project managers, translators, proof-readers and clients are crucial in achieving conscientiousness in translation;

Timely-delivery: The support of an optimised work process is a critical factor to assist us in achieving excellence. Throughout the work process, process management system and quality management system are applied, in order to realise timely delivery. On the other hand, having a standardised work process and well-maintained terminology database for reference, guide our work through the path of consistent quality. Not only that it allows us to handle various kinds of long-term and large-scale translation projects with ease, it also assists us in being able to complete urgent projects within the limited timeframe given.

Cost-effectiveness: Cost-effectiveness is important in every client's budgetary considerations. Therefore, we deliver distinct quality work with reasonable pricings. After all, other than providing professional linguistic support, we want our clients feel that our service worth every penny they are paying.

Brand Loyalty
We are the preferred and trusted choice. More than 80% of our clients return to us on a regular basis, including Nikon Singapore, Toyota Asia, Porsche Asia Pacific, Electrolux S.E.A., DBS Bank as well as many other MNCs. We are engaged by various government agencies to deliver translation services, and have been appointed as the English-Chinese translation provider of UNDP since 2010.


  • Effective project management system
  • Reasonable pricing: Meeting clients' budgets
  • Professional human translation, coupled with multiple thorough proof-reading check; never machine-translated
  • Credible qualifications and remarkable track record
  • Strong terminology database


  • Large panel of carefully selected experts to meet the requirements of a variety of fields and languages.
  • Rich experience in conducting urgent and large-scale projects.
  • Cutting-edge technologies that assist us in working with different content formats.