Medical Document Translation Services

ACTC takes the helm in the field of medical translation services, distinguished as an ISO 9001 Quality Certified and award-winning company in Singapore. Our proficiency in over 40 languages ensures that all your medical jargon and terminology is accurately translated and communicated with pinpoint accuracy and clarity in every document. ACTC's commitment to excellence in medical translations solidifies our position as a leader in this highly specialised field.

Medical Documents We Translate

With twenty years of experience under our belt, ACTC has perfected a wide ensemble of medical documents across medical-related industries, including Pharmaceutical and Biomedical fields. We specialise in translating the following:

  • Data sheets
  • Medical reports
  • Chemical products manual 
  • Environmental research reports
  • Test reports
  • Clinical trial materials
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Consent forms
  • Cosmetic instructions
  • Medication write up
  • Medical Scripts 
  • Medical Equipment Manuals
  • Medical software instructions
  • Biological science papers


Our Expertise In Medical Translation

ACTC boasts extensive expertise in medical translation, honed over two decades with a focus on chemical and medical sectors. Our comprehensive terminology database ensures accurate, industry-specific translations while prioritising the utmost confidentiality for sensitive medical documents and records. Our esteemed clientele includes giants like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis, and renowned Singapore hospitals such as SingHealth and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, reflecting our proficiency in serving hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, and individual clients alike.

Languages We Translate

ACTC’s proficiency extends beyond 40 languages, ensuring that your medical documents and records can be accurately translated and accessible to a vast majority of medical professionals. Our repertoire of proficient languages includes:

Why Choose Us

ACTC’s medical document translation services guarantee precise and nuanced medical communication, which is paramount in the healthcare industry. By utilising our linguistic excellence with a deep understanding of the medical sector's complexities, ACTC ensures every translation is both accurate and contextually appropriate.

Compliance with Industry Standards

We approach our medical document translations with strict adherence to medical standards to make sure that each translation produced is not only linguistically precise but also in line with the relevant guidelines. The clear, coherent and accurate translations we produce reflects our deep commitment to upholding a high standard of excellence in medical communication. Quality Assurance Processes

ACTC meticulously cross-references medical jargon in all our medical document translations to produce a translation that meets industry standards within its contextual framework. Such precision is vital in medical translations, where preserving the integrity of information is crucial for accuracy and functional effectiveness in critical documents and records.

Certified Agency

As an ISO 9001 certified agency, ACTC endeavours to adhere to international standards for medical document translations. This certification affirms that our services meet global benchmarks of quality and reliability in the specialised realm of medical translations.



Awards & Accolades

ACTC's excellence in medical translation services is recognised through various accolades and awards, reflecting our commitment to superior service in the medical translation sector and beyond.

Leading Singapore translation company for multi-language solutions.
Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2014
Recognized with the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2012/2013 for exceptional translation services company in Singapore.
Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2012/2013
Winner of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2014 for exceptional translation services company.
Singapore Quality Brand Award 2013/2014
Recipient of the Asia-Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2013 for outstanding translation services agency in Singapore.
Asia-pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2013
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