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Why should you choose our language translation services? Because we have been providing reliable services for years, we know what it takes to be a successful translator.
Our team has decades of experience in the field, and we are confident that our work will be of the highest quality. Why are we the reliable medical translation in Singapore provider you need? ACTC Translation Centre provides medical translation services at a price that is affordable to all levels of clients.
Why Should You Choose Our Language Translation Services?
We provide the top-class medical translation in Singapore you need because we have been providing quality medical translation services for years.
Our team of experts is experts in their field. They have training in the highest standards of proficiency and professionalism. We offer a wide range of technical translation services that can help your business succeed, including:
  • Technical documents
  • Medical documents
  • Web content creation and editing
Our medical translation services are designed to make your life easier. We can translate your medical documents into almost any language, so you can have them translated and ready to use in no time.
Get Your Hands On The High-Quality Technical Translation Service
If you are looking for reliable language translation services, look no further. We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet our clients' needs. We have what you need, whether you are looking for a simple document translation or a complex medical report.
Our team has native speakers of various languages and dialects, so we can handle any language you throw at us. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing excellent quality work and friendly customer service. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Transcribe, Translate, Interpret - Your One Stop Services Provider

ACTC TRANSLATION is all set to provide value-added services with our rich experiences and professional team. Our ISO certified Quality Management System will ensure small mistake such as traslation does not happen.
ACTC TRANSLATION consistently pursues innovations in the ever-changing world. In order to adapt to more demanding business activities, more sophisticated user expectations, high-end technology & etc., we also developed some "unique" services:
  • Translation

    • Our professional translators are native speakers and qualified linguists who make sure that your messages are accurately translated and in the mean time prevent the embarrassment and expenses caused by poor translations. Each of our professional translators specializes in a chosen language translation service field. It means translations of any type of documents are available.

      Literary Prose, Poetry, Advertisement, Magazine, Newsletter, Newspaper Articles, etc.
      Commercial Official Correspondences, Banking, Insurance, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Feasibility Reports, Annual Reports, Agreement, etc.
      Technical Machinery, Electronics, Medicine, Chemistry, Energy and Environmental Protection, Network, Household Electrical Appliances, Construction, Metallurgy, Military Affairs, Software, Textiles, etc.
      Legal Contracts, Laws and Regulations, Statutes, Agreement, Notarizations, Certification, etc.
      Standard Birth Certificates, Marriage certificates, Identity Cards, School certificates, etc.
      Professional Academic Translation Need to stay on top of the latest academic news and information? Eager to break through the language barrier? We believe that many colleagues feel the same urge. We offer this service to enable more exchanges in technology and trend with foreign colleagues, and in the meantime to improve information updates and quality. All translated draft would preserve original author and URL, for easy reference of original text.


      Some of the most popular language that our translation service provide
      Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

      We also provide translation service for the following languages:
      Malay, Tamil, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Latin, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Burmese, Farsi, Nepali, Italian, Dutch.

  • Interpretation

    • On-Site Interpreter

      Interpreters are available at your chosen site to interpret for one-on-one or small group meetings for purposes, such as medical interpretation or business interpretation. This invaluable service ensures that both parties can communicate their message effectively without any misunderstanding.

      Conference Interpreter

      For larger and more formal meetings for example,medical conferences, a medical interpreter can translate proceedings for a single delegate or group. The medical interpreter will translate and present a speech and ensure foreign visitors can fully participate..

      Telephone Interpretation

      A simple and cost-effective way to communicate with business partners overseas is with an interpreter-assisted conference call. The interpreter can work remotely via telephone or — an even more cost-effective option — via Voice-over-Internet services.

      Cultural Interpretation

      Interpreters can accompany your foreign visitors on sightseeing or cultural excursions. They can help to explain the sights to your foreign visiters in the native lanaguage, helping your guests to have a more fullfied and enjoyable experience - the perfect end to a successful business trip.
  • Software Localization

    • Software Localization involves taking an applications and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale (country/region and language) where it will be used and sold so that people will be more willing to purchase the product. We offer complete software localisation services for applications including:

      • Character Strings in Window-based Source Code(C, C++)
      • Character Strings in Android and Iphones ( Java and Objective C)
      • Character String in Web Application (Javascript, Dot Net, Python, etc)
      • Help files (Online / Printed)
      • Software Interfaces Characters (Dialogue Boxes, Menus, Buttons)
      • RTF/HDJ Files
      • Resource files (RC/DLG)
      • Executable Program Files (DLL/EXE)
      • CNT/ReadMe Files
      • Php Localization
      • Manuals (Body text, Index Markers, Callout text, Screen captures)
  • DTP

    • ACTC provides desktop publishing (DTP) services as a value added services for our customers. By using the latest and most popular DTP solutions, we offer a full package that combines the production of typographic quality text and images and quality translation services, It will save time and cost for our customers, enabling them to produce publication documents with few errors quickly and efficiently

      PC / MAC Quark Xpress PC / MAC Adobe InDesign CC
      PC / MAC Microsoft Publisher PC / MAC Scribus
  • Transcription

    • In Singapore, transcription and translation service are commonly needed for legal proceedings, medical or training purposes. English is an official language of Singapore, basically all transcriptions from an Asian or European language are translated to English so that it can be used in court hearings and medical transfers.

      Medical Transcriptions

      Medical transcriptions are official healthcare records of patients in various media formats such as text, audio or video. After doctors see their patients, they create audio recordings, or dictations, that discuss their patients’ illnesses, diagnoses and treatment plans. Recordings are passed to personnal called medical transcriptionists who will then transcribe, or type, what the doctor says. Sometimes the physicians use abbreviations or obscure medical terms. So a thorough knowledge of healthcare terminology and anatomy are required.

      Training Sessions

      Singapore have a large population of migrant workers. Many of them comes from countries where their main spoken language is different from Singapore.Sometimes they can't understand training videos that are usually recorded in english, thus increasing the risk of workplaces injuries. It will be a win-win situation for both the workers and employers if the videos are played in the worker language

  • Copywriting

  • Multi-language Course

    • Corporate Course Training

      Corporate Language Course may be a job requirement or development opportunity for your enterprise, as ability to understand your client’s language is the key to better communication and cultural understanding. We provide individual and group Language lessons for English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and other languages. Furthermore we can customise our Courses to the specific industry you are operating as this contextualisation facilitates a better learning.

      Lesson Planning

      We can help you to write curriculum to help you or your staff achieve target language proficiency within a short period of time.

      Language Consultation

      You may drop in and approach our language experts for consultation at our centre.

      On-site Training

      We deliver our highly qualified trainer to your business place to conduct lesson so that you can learn language of your interest at your comfort, at your preferred time and location.

      Online Teaching

      Save travel cost. Cheaper lesson conducted via online communication platform (i.e Skype). You can engage our teaching services even if you are not in Singapore!