Document Translation Services in Singapore

ACTC, an ISO 9001 Quality Certified and award-winning translation company, excels in providing comprehensive document translation services in Singapore. Our expertise encompasses over 40 languages, ensuring that your translation needs are met with unparalleled precision and professionalism. ACTC's commitment to excellence is evident in every document we translate, reinforcing our position as a leading provider in the industry.

Documents We Translate

At ACTC, we pride ourselves on our ability to accurately translate a wide array of documents in over 40 languages. Our services cater to a diverse range of needs, guaranteeing confidentiality, especially for sensitive documents. We translate:

  • Agreements
  • Business Documents
  • Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificates 
  • Company Brochures
  • Customs Documents
  • Diplomas, School Papers, Degree Certificates
  • Immigration and Naturalisation Papers
  • Medical/Hospitalisation Certificates
  • Police Reports
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Product Manuals
  • Property Papers, Real Estate Deeds
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Tax Payment Records
  • Trade Marks Registrations
  • Vat Invoices

In addition to these, our proficiency in translating driving licences is noteworthy, especially considering the stringent regulations set by the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Industries We Specialise In

ACTC has established a sterling reputation in various industries, offering specialised translation services that cater to the unique demands of each sector. Our translators possess extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring precision and reliability in every translation project.


Since 1999, ACTC has been a cornerstone in professional legal translation, serving Singapore government authorities, the United Nations Development Program, Fortune 500 companies, and renowned local law firms. Our legal translations are marked by accuracy, fairness, and excellence. We handle:

  • Court Orders
  • Original Applications
  • Writ of Summons
  • Statements of Claim
  • Bills of Complaint
  • Registrar’s Directions
  • Orders in Term
  • Final or Perpetual Injunctions
  • Rules of Court
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Government Policies
  • Industry Code of Ethics
  • Codes of Practice
  • Corporate Employee Handbooks
  • Corporate Constitutions 
  • Memorandums and Articles of Association
  • Agreements or Contracts
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Patent Documents
  • Trademark Applications
  • Certificates 
  • Other Legal Documents

Banking & Finance

With over two decades of experience, ACTC is a leader in translating financial and banking documents. Our esteemed clients, including DBS Bank, Bank of Singapore, and Deutsche Bank AG, rely on us for the translation of:

  • Accounting Documents
  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Insurance Policies
  • Insurance Documents
  • Ipo Documents
  • Investment Prospectus
  • Investment Proposals
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Banking Documents
  • Research Reports on Banking & Finance 
  • Acra Biz Profiles
  • Corporate Constitutions 
  • Memorandums and Articles of Association
  • Entities Incorporation Documents
  • AGM Reports


ACTC is at the forefront of technical document translation. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of technical fields, serving distinguished clients such as Siemens, IBM, and Singapore Technologies. We translate documents related to:

  • Electronics 
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Machinery
  • Semiconductors and Chips
  • Telecommunications 
  • Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Information Technology 
  • Software
  • Character Strings
  • Networks
  • Gaming 
  • Constructions and Architects 
  • Civil Engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Military Affairs
  • Textiles
  • Etc.


For over two decades, ACTC has established itself as a trusted provider in the medical translation industry. Our extensive experience is complemented by a comprehensive terminology database, ensuring precision in every translation. Our esteemed clientele includes healthcare organisations such as Pfizer, Novartis, and major Singapore hospitals. Our expertise in medical translations encompasses:

  • Medical Reports
  • Clinical Trial Materials
  • Patient Information Leaflets
  • Consent Forms
  • Medication Write-Ups
  • Medical Scripts
  • Medical Equipment Manuals
  • Medical Software Instructions
  • Biological Science Papers

Chemical & Petrol

In the field of chemical and petrol translations, ACTC has garnered a reputation for excellence over the past twenty years. We serve leading companies like BASF, SABIC, INEOS, ExxonMobil, and Mitsubishi Chemical, ensuring that each translation meets the specific requirements of this highly specialised sector. Our chemical and petrol translation services include:

  • Data Sheets
  • Chemical Products Manuals
  • Environmental Research Reports
  • Test Reports
  • Safety Protocols
  • Technical Documentation

Discover how ACTC's expert translation services can empower your business in the global market. Contact us today to explore our tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs.


Types of Document Translation

At ACTC, we offer an array of document translation services, tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

  1. Certified Translation: Ideal for official documents, our certified translations are recognised by governmental and educational institutions worldwide. We ensure each document is accurately translated and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, attesting to its accuracy and completeness.
  2. Notarised Translation: This service involves the translation of documents followed by notarisation, which is often required for legal documents. Our notarised translations are performed by qualified translators and then certified by a notary public, making them suitable for official and legal purposes.
  3. Apostille Translations: For documents that need to be used in countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention, we provide Apostille translations. This involves a specialised certification process that gives the translated document legal validity in member countries, streamlining international legal and business procedures.

Our team at ACTC is equipped to handle these diverse types of translations with the utmost precision and professionalism, ensuring your documents are ready for global use.

Awards & Accolades

ACTC is an award-winning translation agency, recognised for our commitment to quality and excellence. Our extensive vetting process and stringent quality control measures have earned us numerous accolades in the industry:

Leading Singapore translation company for multi-language solutions.
Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2014
Recognized with the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2012/2013 for exceptional translation services company in Singapore.
Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2012/2013
Winner of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2014 for exceptional translation services company.
Singapore Quality Brand Award 2013/2014
Recipient of the Asia-Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2013 for outstanding translation services agency in Singapore.
Asia-pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2013
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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
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American Translators Association, USA
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Member of Association of Translation Companies, UK

Our Language Expertise

ACTC's linguistic capabilities represent a synthesis of academic rigour and cultural acumen. Our consortium of translators, drawn from a pool of native speakers and linguistic scholars, extends over 40 languages, each treated with an exacting focus on semantic precision and contextual relevance.

Prominent among our language offerings are:

In these and all other languages we offer, our translators do not merely transcribe words; they convey meanings, ensuring that every document is not only accurate in terminology but also resonates with its intended audience. This approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the cultural intricacies inherent to each language, setting our services apart in a globalised world.